1000rds – 9mm Magtech 115gr. FMJ Ammo



magtech 115gr 9mm ammo

magtech ammo

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Magtech 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)

Ammo Details

It is absolutely vital that you invest in your ability to handle a handgun before implementing one for self-defense. You simply can’t do that without a great abundance of good ammo with which to sharpen for your skills — that’s why this cost-effective 9mm round by Magtech is so nice.


Without needlessly inflating its price, Magtech has given this bullet a hard and concentric jacket that promotes smooth feeding, straight flight, and reliable penetration. This bullet weighs 115 grains, which is on the lighter end of the spectrum for its caliber but by all means a popular weight for self-defense. That means this bullet will provide a realistic feel for what your self-defense load will do. 9mm luger, magtech ammo, magtech 9mm, luger 9mm, 1000 rounds of 300 blackout. 9mm luger, magtech ammo, magtech 9mm, luger 9mm, 1000 rounds of 300 blackout.


Magtech also has given this cartridge a non-corrosive small pistol primer, reloadable brass casing, and propellant that won’t scatter excessive residues throughout your weapon’s bore and action. Never have to forego an opportunity to tighten up your performance with these 1,000 rounds by Magtech!

9mm luger

magtech 9mm

luger 9mm

1000 rounds of 300 blackout


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